Michael Love

"As a film maker/storyteller, all I want to do is stimulate thought and discussion in an entertaining way."

Michael Love has dedicated his professional life to the craft of storytelling using film and video. The last fifteen years have found him either on location, on a sound stage or in postproduction houses. He has told stories from every angle of the industry: as a writer, a director, a producer, a director of photography, an editor, and film technician. He's worked with film and within the world of digital filmmaking and created works that utilize the best of both mediums.

He's entertained through short films, commercials, music videos, and television Animation. His diversity of experience behind the camera has honed his ability to create distinctive, vibrant, and often fast paced projects within all realms of the film and television industry. He's as comfortable racing to meet a film fest deadline, as he is prepping a no budget music video. His sheer knowledge of the process from start to finish is priceless and unique in an industry becoming more and more compartmentalized.

Michael Love is a director in every sense of the word.

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